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IstanbulWelcome to this NEW Istanbul City Guide – Your personified guide to Istanbul. Why is this guide different then others?

Well, first of all this website is not built to have any commercial intention. All the texts written belong to my personal view of the city. This is a “one-person” effort to share detailed and accurate REAL information about the amazing city of Istanbul.

Istanbul is a mega city located both in Europe and Asia. How come? Istanbul is separated by a portion of sea named the Bosphorus also known as the Istanbul Strait which divides the city in two.

Transportation between the European and the Asian side can be easily done by ferry-boats and makes a perfect “must do” activity while in Istanbul. Quickly explaining you a bit more of the Bosphorus strait, well, it connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Nice hey?

On this travel guide to Istanbul I separated pages by interests and by area so that you can easily navigate and find the exact information you’re looking for.

After you visit this website you will definitely capable of visiting Istanbul and take advantage of all its potential, not missing special places, experiencing top activities and eating in the most interesting places of the city.

Istanbul Timeless City – Offical Presentation

Featured Istanbul Monument: Galata Tower

IstanbulGalata Tower is one of Istanbul’s most famous monuments. You can go up the Galata Tower and enjoy an amazing panoramic view over Istanbul, the Bosphorus Strait, and the busy Eminonu and port side of Istanbul.

Don’t miss out this incredible site in the city. Open every day from 9am to 8pm. Entrance fee is 8 Turkish Lira.

The Galata Tower in Istanbul has a height of 66.9 and has nine floors high. This tower located in Beyoglu district was initially called the Christea Turris, and was built in 1348 as part of the expansion of the Genovese colony in Constantinople.

There are some strong remains of the Genovese in Istanbul. Take at least 1 hour to walk from Sultanhmet or just take the tram getting out in Karaköy just after Galata Bridge.