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Grand Bazaar


Istanbul is famous for its commercial activity, and its famous bazars are renown for centuries due to its importance connection Europe and Asia trade. Grand Bazar is Istanbul's biggest shopping district, with thousands of shops align in very well taken care corridors with all types of goods and products. Labyrinth os streets tempt you to buy carpets, ...

The Spice Bazaar


Bustling, frenetic and exotic Spice Bazaar is located in Eminonu, just aside the gorgeous Cami Meydani mosque. This interesting place was built back in the 17th century and serves still today the city with numerous spices and exotic food and goods from different countries all around the ancient Silk Road. In Turkish, this bazaar is actually called ...

Muradiye Saturday Market


If you're up to a morning market walk into a different part of Istanbul, you might as well visit the interesting Muradiye saturday morning market, in Muradiye district, uphill Besiktas. This market is different from all the other ones in Istanbul since it has a different type of atmosphere, somehow recalling the bazaar we're used to ...