Sutlu Nuriye Turkish DessertIt seems this type of baklava was only invented during the 1980’s when someone used milk instead of sorbet, and hazelnuts instead of pistachios and came up with a new type of fantastic desert.

The main ingredients of this delicious sweet are dough, walnuts or hazelnuts, water, butter, lemon juice, sugar and milk. The name of this turkish dessert means “Nuriye with milk”, being Nuriye a Turkish female name.

Personally sutlu nuriye is easier to eat because normal baklava is very sweet and hard to eat more then one piece. You cannot find Sütlü Nuriye in all shops so you’ll have to ask around for it.

Sutlu Nuriye Turkish Dessert in Istanbul

It is worth of searching. Write the name on a paper so that people can actually understand you since the pronunciation of this name is kind of tricky.