Pharmacies in IstanbulFinding a pharmacy in Istanbul is one of the easiest task. Almost every street will have one or two pharmacies selling all types of medicaments, health supplies and other type of accessories related to wellbeing and health.

Most medicaments do not require a medical prescription. In Turkish language, a pharmacy is called “eczane” which means not only pharmacy but also drugstore or chemist’s shop.

This type of health supplies in Istanbul are usually cheaper then in any other Western countries, and buying your travel supplies of vitamins or just built up your small travel first aid kit can get really cheap if you actually wait to buy it and put it all together while in Istanbul.

An useful and super complete travel aid kit should contain several useful medications such as: analgesics; antinauseant / motion sickness; antimalarials; antidiarrheal; antibiotic; rehydration salts; antifungal cream; antihistamine; anti-bee sting kit; topical antibiotic; sunscreen; altitude sickness; usual prescription and non-prescription medications used regularly.

Allso part of your travel aid kit should be the suggested Supplies: antiseptic; bandaids; tensor bandage; sterile needles, suture supplies; tweezers; Swiss Army knife; insect repellent; mosquito net; water purifier, iodine tablets; thermometer.

Basically it all depends of the amount of time you’re traveling and which countries are you supposed to cross. If you’re trip to Istanbul mixes some other European countries maybe you could relax in terms of getting one travel aid kit at all. If your travel mixes other countries such as India, South America or Africa for instance, you could get a more complete supply.