Suleymaniye MosqueImpressive as it is, the huge Suleymaniye Mosque marks Istanbul skyline. The second biggest mosque of the city was ordered built by the sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and finished by 1558 by the architect Mimar Sinan.

A visit to this huge building reminds you of the great times of the old times of the Ottoman Empire. The whole complex of the mosque is huge, you have it all, hospital, public baths, primary school, restaurants, a caravanserai, several Koranic schools, a medical college, and a public kitchen. The marvelous architecture blended Islamic and Byzantine architectural elements.

Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque makes the perfect visit for a long walk around the city exploring its ancient and interesting Ottoman culture and ancestors. This mosque is not really hard to find as its four 72 meters tall minarets can be seen from almost all points of the city from Eminonu side of Istanbul.

Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque is located on the Third Hill of Istanbul which also occupies the main buildings of Istanbul University, the Bayezid II Mosque.

Video of USA President Obama in Suleymaniye