Mosque of the Valide SultanMosque of the Valide Sultan is commonly know as the New Mosque and is possible the most seen mosque in Istanbul since it is located on the Golden Horn, in Eminonu district right aside the famous Spices Bazaar.

Also aside of the New Mosque you have the Galata bridge and Tower, and further up the hill to Istiklal Avenue and Taksim.

This famous mosque ordered built by Safiye Sultan, the wife of Sultan Murad III, and was completed in 1665 by Ottoman architects Davut Aga, Dalgıç Ahmed Çavus and Mustafa Aga.

Mosque of the Valide Sultan in Istanbul

You can go inside taking your shoes off and explore this gorgeous religious building. This mosque is located in one of the most full of people sites of Istanbul so expect many people both locals, tourist and worshipers.

The building of this mosque took more than 50 years and was completed by sultan Turhan Hadice.

Mosque of the Valide Sultan in Istanbul

It seems that the Eminonu district had a predominantly Jewish population and by building the mosque here the Islamic hoped to extend the influence of Islam within one of the most important commercial regions of Istanbul.

Video of Prayer inside the New Mosque