Grand BazaarIstanbul is famous for its commercial activity, and its famous bazars are renown for centuries due to its importance connection Europe and Asia trade.

Grand Bazar is Istanbul’s biggest shopping district, with thousands of shops align in very well taken care corridors with all types of goods and products.

Labyrinth os streets tempt you to buy carpets, tea, sweats and local pastries, clothes, handicraft, wooden biblos, furniture, necklaces, all type of souvenirs. The list could go on and on.

Indeed Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is nothing you will be prepared to, and you’ll even get lost in its kms of boot-like shops.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

Grand Bazaar is Istanbul was established back in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet II. The first bazaar plan still maintains its original plan so you can enter by several different gates but being the most usual and most famous, the Nuruosmaniye Gate if you’re coming from the side of the mosque with the same name; and, the other one is the Çarsikapi Gate, if you’re coming from Beyazit.

Video of a tour guide inside Instanbul Grand Bazar

Daily, these immense bazaars employ thousand of people, so, cafés, restaurants, toilets, a post office, a bank, a mosque e a police station serves all who work inside the Grand Bazaar.

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul